STEWART INSTALLATION, LLC. is a family owned and operated company.  We are a small church furniture company.  We have been installing church pews, chancel furniture and all types of auditorium seating for 42 years.  We are fully insured.

We have done churches that seat from ten thousand down to small chapels. Regardless the size of your sanctuary, we give each pew the respect and integrity which it deserves.  We have done thousands of projects nationwide.

We specialize in refinishing pews and chancel furniture, alteration of pews, moving pews for restoration of sanctuarys, reupholstering and repairing of furniture, kneelers (repair and new) and add a pad (cushions) of all types.  (Agent for Atwood-Hamlin Mfg., Inc.)               

We will remove your pews and store for restorations of your church and return and reinstall on completion of church. 

We will remove pews and transport to a new location and reinstall. 


NEW PEWS                                                          PEW UPHOLSTRY
PEW REFINISHING                                                NEW KNEELERS
PEW REPAIR                                                        KNEELER REPAIR
CARPET                                                                PEW ALTERATIONS
AUDITORIUM SEATING                                          PEW CUSHIONS
USED PEWS                                                         CURVED PEWS